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From classic to modern, from cosy to extravagant – with our wide range of panels, we offer you various design options for walls and ceilings. The range of decors extends from classic wood imitations and plain decors to stone and fantasy decors. There are also many profile shapes, dimensions and installation options to choose from.
For demanding requirements, we also offer panels with a painted surface finish.
Alongside the corresponding installation accessories, a variety of end boards in the same decors are available.

Discover the perfection of the Acoustic Wall for an elegant and natural interior design!


Our acoustic panels with their noble wood slats give your space an authentic ambiance while simultaneously adding modern accents. Whether mounted on walls or ceilings, these panels combine aesthetics with functionality. Experience a significant improvement in room acoustics while also enhancing your interior. Design entire walls or sections according to your taste by installing the panels vertically or horizontally, and enjoy the visual highlight they provide.

Thanks to their special construction, our acoustic panels effectively absorb sound waves instead of reflecting them back into the room. The result? Reduced reverberation compared to traditional smooth walls or ceilings.

Additionally, we prioritize sustainability:
Our felt is made from recycled plastic, and the wood comes from responsible forestry.

The Acoustic Wall is available in many decors and dimensions.

Let yourself be inspired by the beauty and functionality of our Acoustic Wall!


Acoustic Wall